Acoustic B410 400W 4x10 Bass Cabinet  

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The Acoustic B410 bass cabinet has a professional enclosure designed for large clubs and live applications where it will fill any stage with depth and definition. Used in conjunction with the Acoustic... Click To Read More About This Product

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The Acoustic B410 bass cabinet has a professional enclosure designed for large clubs and live applications where it will fill any stage with depth and definition. Used in conjunction with the Acoustic B200H head, the B410 cabinet will easily handle the power of the amplifier and provide wall-shaking lows and massive bottom end. Although conservatively rated at 400 watts RMS, any combination of B115 or B410 cabinets may be used for larger venues.

The B410 bass cabinet features a rock-solid, sealed design with heavy internal bracing, caster sockets and professional spring-loaded touring handles with rubber grips. Heavy-duty rubber feet allow secure stacking and ensure solid placement on any floor surface. Rear panel features include a recessed jackplate with parallel dual 1/4" jacks and a horn on/off switch.

Classic Acoustic cosmetics include nickel corners, black grille cloth with white piping, heavy-duty road-worthy covering material and steel trim strips with understated blue accent color. It all adds to the durability (and legacy vibe) of this great cabinet.

The heritage of Acoustic comes through loud and clear in the B410”a seriously professional stage enclosure for serious bassists.

  • Power: 400 watts power handling
  • Speaker: 4 x 10" heavy-duty speakers, high-frequency with on/off switch
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Input: Parallel 1/4" input jacks
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Can you say FULL STACK?

I just bought this cab and I put it with the 1x15 Acoustic cab and a Gallien-Krueger Backline 600 head. It is the best amp I ever played with. It is SO powerful!...Read complete review

I just bought this cab and I put it with the 1x15 Acoustic cab and a Gallien-Krueger Backline 600 head. It is the best amp I ever played with. It is SO powerful! It feels like you are being punched in the chest. This combined with the 1x15 is the perfect balance of lows, mids and highs. The only thing i didnt like was that i didnt get casters but oh well, its worth carryin these around. Rock on good people


Most Liked Negative Review


More of a practice Amp.

I bought this amp back in Feb. 09. First day impression, it was loud, rattled my house, and had a great sound. I noticed after about a month of using it to...Read complete review

I bought this amp back in Feb. 09. First day impression, it was loud, rattled my house, and had a great sound. I noticed after about a month of using it to jam with my band about 2 times a week that the back was leaking air making an annoying whistling sound. I went to take off the rear input box and the plastic that held the screws was cracked due to over tightening at the factory. So i couldnt completely screw the inputs back on securely. After checking inside the box, i looked and noticed very poor packing, it looked as if someone just stuffed a bunch of insulation in there with no direction. Sloppy! About a week after i noticed the whistling, the voice coil in my speaker fried. I was barely pushing 200W of its supposed 400w capability. I replaced the speaker and the very next day at practice the solder connecting the wire to the speaker rattled off a different speaker! Once again had to take it apart and fix it. Now, im in another hard spot. The transistor on the board blew inside the cab! I have never ran into so many problems with a cab before. The sound of this cab quickly changes from mediocre and somewhat impressive to muddy/ crackly sound after some use. Save your money everyone, this cab is not meant for jamming with a band. If your mic'd for recording or playing live it might work. But good luck! I give it 2 stars because it lasted a month before things started going south.

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Punchy and Clear!

By Zach Palmer

from Plano, TX

To be honest, I haven't played through many cabs, but I know a good bass tone when I hear one. I've had this thing for about 2 years and it has yet to fail me! I've used it for recording, gigging, practice, and anything else you can think of. Right now, I'm running it with a Hartke LH1000 and I play a Traben 4 string. It gives me exactly what I want and how I want it! My only complaint is the weight. It's a bit on the flabby side for a 4x10.

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Don't buy this product

By William Reyes

from Prescott Valley, AZ

I bought 1 B410 cabs because frankly there Cheap. after the first two speaker blew I contacted Guitar Center and Acoustic. Guitar center said they would get right on in and Acoustic just ignored me. They were in warrante and I thought they would honor it. I had to replace them with Eminence speaker and after 6 blew out I just kept replacing them. Guess what? The only ones that blew were the original ones that came with it. Now I know why they are so inexpensive. They put Cheap speakers in them. Now out of 8 - 10" speakers I am down to only two of the original ones.


Awesome "little" cab


from Lakeland, Florida

I just got this cab with an Acoustic B200H amp, and I'm very pleased with the sound quality I'm getting from it, very clear and clean, no hiss or background noise at all. It has plenty of punch to rattle the neighborhood by itself, but just to be cruel to the neighbors I added a B115 and made it a full stack. Even at volume, I hear no background noise, only what the bass guitar is producing. I appreciated the handles on the sides since it's no featherweight. It also has an on/off button for the horn, which I use. This thing is certainly worth the relatively low price. It would be more than worth the cost for a beginner.


The most bang for your buck!


from Columbus, OH

If you're set on buying a 4x10 NEW and not used for affordable, this one should be towards the top of your list. It has nice touring/metal handles on the sides. Not like other cheap handles that are plastic that break and stuff. The corners are covered as well with the nickle protectors which also allow it to hold up well on the road. If you're a touring musician, you'll probably rip up the tolex pretty quick, as I have. Overall, the construction of this thing for the price is EXCELLENT...!! Tone is pretty well. It's not as punchy as an ampeg cab but not too low either. It's right in the middle. Then again, your amp head is where most of the tone comes through. The bottom will fit the ernie ball pop out caster set (which can be found on this site) directly, with no excess drilling. I highly recommend them.

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good luck finding parts

By Brett

from Seattle, WA

I've had one of these for a little over a year. The nut from the input jack came off and the jack fell into the cab. When I opened it up, i realized it was not a normal male jack with threads on the outside ;like every other cabinet i;ve ever seen in my life, but just the opposite. the threads were on the inside of the jack, that was soldered to a micro prosser board. I tried contacting Acoustic directly numerous times but never recieved a reply. Althoug this cab sounds Ok and is definitely better than a Behringer cab, for the money I would go with a GK Backline any day of the week. I will not be purchasing any "acoustic brand" amplifiers ever again.

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Amazing...just amazing!

By Jeff

from Bayport, NY

I could go on and on about this cab..and I will! For starters, i bought this 4x10 with the b600 head, and it's everything any bass player could ask for. 6 band EQ, the horn for the high end (not that you may need it) and the 400w power handling. I've been pushing the baby to around 350w w/o a problem, though i do recommend not go any further. not for the sake of the head, which for a b600 is mere childsplay, but for the cabs sake! I play almost all genres of music, and i've been able to adapt to each one thanks to the cab/head. Now, there's one thing that everybody should know about this cab and its 1x15 counterpart..and i'll put it plain and simple. if you only buy one of these, and you're looking for some bottom end and to round out your mids, go with the 1x15. Not to say that the 4x10 doesn't get the job done, cause oh baby it does, but i haven't obtained my 1x15 yet, and i cant imagine how the low end will sound when i get it. If you're playing large to midsize venues, and you have the money, get both the cabs. DONT get the 8x10, because the 1x15 cab handles the low-mid end much better, while the 4x10 takes care of, well, the rest(high-mids-highs. Also if you're looking for sheer volume, I would get this same combo. a combined 800w with you're low end handling 1x15 cab and you're live sound will be ridiculous. for those looking for that amazing punch, you will get it with the acoustics, you just got play and tweak the EQ to find it. The natural distortion it puts out is also amazing, and distortion pedals ive found don't take away from the sound quality (just be careful to add some low end if you have to) But back to the 4x10, ive played numerous shows (bars, backyards, auditoriums, you name it) and it's been amazing. not to mention players like John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) and Jaco Pastorius used acoustic sets as well. Now I have heard that people have issues w/ rattling and various other issues. Mine hasn't had a problem, even when pushing the cab so close to it's max output. all in all, it's a steal for the price and you cant go wrong with a 6 band EQ! i play jazz/precision basses, even squiers (my main favorite being the squier vintage modified jazz bass), and they sound awesome, though it's not limited to just those basses. hope this helps, and if you get this and have technical issues, im very sorry, but regardless of what some people may say about it, acoustic is a great brand, just as good as ampegs and hartke's, and a lot cheaper! Im getting my 1x15, and it's gonna rip! go out and get it, you wont be dissapointed.

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The Beast410

By Tim Cummins

from Highland, CA

When I first played through the B410, I was amazed. You really do get a huge amount of "Bang for your Buck". But, as I started playing larger venues (bigger than someone's back yard) with my band, I needed something a little "rounder". I was eying an Orange, or even the staple Ampeg. But, my budget was tight, so I paired this baby up with the B115. Wow. This rig blew the minds of my band mates. So, if you're just starting out and leaving the spectrum of combos and moving to stacks, I highly suggest this with the B200H head. If you want a Beast, I suggest pairing the B410/B200H with the B115 cab. I hope this helped anyone looking to buy this great product.

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Great clarity and punch

By Steve Rudolf

from Louisville, KY

I have been using a vintage 1973 Acoustic 370 Bass Amp for nearly 20 years. Most recenlty, I've been playing it paired with a Peavey Black Widow 115 cabinet. I recently "discovered" the reintroduction of these Acoustic cabinets and thought I would give it a try so that I would have a matched rig (truth of the matter is that I rely more on the FOH mix for my sound and only use my rig as basically a stage monitor). In short, I was extremely surprised by how well my rig sounded with the B115 and B410 paired with my 370 amp. The definition of my bass sound is extremely clear and punches through the mix. Band mates have commented that my sound is much more "rich." I love the addition of the horns that can be turned on and off... If I were to make any negative comment, it would be that it lacks the a bit of the subsonic punch I like but, then again, it is not designed for that (and, thus, the reason I like my FOH mix with the side sub woofers). Overall, you won't be disappointed with this product and you would be hard pressed to find a better value for the price.

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Good cab if you're broke as a joke.

By Ryan

from Nashville, TN

For beginner bassists who are starting to play bigger gigs, this thing is perfect. Pair it with the Acoustic B200H head, and you'll have a great setup. My only complaint is the tone of the cab. Someone told me that it was "Ampeg quality at half the price", so when my friend was selling his 410 , I thought it would be an awesome deal. It's lasted me about 6 months, but I'm starting to want to upgrade cabs, because the tone just isn't up there with Ampeg or SWR. It has some trouble cutting through the mix in my opinion. Its a good buy, but if you play LOUD rock and you want something with killer tone and mix cut-through, I'd recommend spending more money on the higher end names.

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acoustic 410 cab

By Jesse Poage

from Dahlonega Georgia

These cabinets are amazing. Constructed extremely well, and heavy-big time. Nothing cheap about this at all. It sounds amazing, powerful, clear, crisp, It is really the best amp I ever played with. It is SO powerful! It feels like you are being punched in the chest. This combined with the 1x15 is the perfect balance of lows, mids and highs. I Highly recomend geting the B200 Head to go with it (my choice) i beileve a 4x10 cab w/ a b200 head is THE best way to go,

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