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6 String Sets for Electric Guitar

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  1. Top Sellers
    D'Addario EXL115 Nickel Blues/Jazz Electric Guitar Strings 10-Pack
    EUR 83.66 EUR 3485.00
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  2. Top Rated
    D'Addario EXL110W Nickel Regular Light Wound 3rd Electric Guitar Strings
    EUR 10.74 EUR 564.00
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  3. Cleartone Nickel-Plated Super Light Electric Guitar Strings
    EUR 17.90 EUR 1224.00
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  4. GHS Precision Flats Electric Guitar Strings (11-46)
    EUR 28.16 EUR 1977.00
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  1. Top Sellers
    GHS Boomers Light Roundwound Electric Guitar Strings (10-Pack)
    EUR 96.94 EUR 3862.00
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  2. DR Strings DSE-10 Dragon Skin Coated Medium Electric Guitar Strings
    EUR 1130.00
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  3. Top Sellers
    D'Addario EJ21 XL Nickel Jazz Light Electric Guitar Strings
    EUR 11.73 EUR 76.00
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  4. Electro-Harmonix NIC9 Nickel Wound Ultra Light Electric Guitar Strings
    EUR 470.00
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  1. Preorder
    D'Addario NYXL1046BT Balanced Tension Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings (10-46)
    EUR 19.36 EUR 1130.00
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  2. Top Sellers
    Dean Markley 2503 NickelSteel Regular Electric Guitar Strings
    EUR 9.37 EUR 470.00
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  3. Top Sellers
    D'Addario NYXL09544 Super Light Plus Electric Guitar Strings
    EUR 19.36 EUR 1130.00
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  4. Top Rated
    D'Addario EXL140 Nickel Light Top/Heavy Bottom Electric Guitar Strings
    EUR 10.74 EUR 564.00
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  1. GHS TC-GBTNT Thin Core Boomers Thick N' Thin Electric Guitar Strings (10-52)
    EUR 9.69 EUR 659.00
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  2. Dean Markley HELIX HD Electric Guitar Strings (CL)
    EUR 12.20 EUR 659.00
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  3. GHS DYM Boomers Medium - Wound 3rd Electric Guitar Strings
    EUR 10.92 EUR 838.00
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  4. SIT Strings S1150 Medium Light Power Wound Nickel Electric Guitar Strings
    EUR 9.41 EUR 470.00
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  1. DR Strings DDT-10 Drop Down Tuning Medium Electric Guitar Strings 3-Pack
    EUR 1883.00
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  2. DR Strings K3 NEON Hi-Def White Electric Lite Guitar Strings
    EUR 15.43 EUR 1130.00
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  3. Top Sellers
    D'Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Light Electric Guitar Strings 3-Pack with FREE EXL110BT Lite Set
    EUR 28.54 EUR 156.00
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  4. Top Rated
    D'Addario EHR310 Half Round Regular Light Electric Guitar Strings
    EUR 17.33 EUR 941.00
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Results 1-20 of 305

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The 6-string electric guitar is an immensely popular instrument, and it's used in countless genres. A great fringe benefit of that versatility for guitarists is the huge variety of ways to customize the instrument's sound. One of the most basic and effective ways to do that is by swapping out your guitar strings. Through a little experimentation with different materials and gauges, you'll be able to find the perfect strings to deliver exactly the sound you're after.

It's okay to replace a single string when necessary, but keep in mind that all the strings should be changed from time to time as part of your routine maintenance. To keep the guitar sounding its best, it's a good idea to get your strings in full sets so you can replace them all at once—this lets you make sure that they'll all sound just as fresh and new.

If you're moving from acoustic to electric guitar for the first time, you might be surprised not to find bronze and brass strings in the selection. That's because they're not magnetic, and as a result, they don't work with electric pickups. In lieu of those acoustic classics, the three primary choices in sets for a 6-string electric guitar are steel, nickel-plated steel and nickel. Going back all the way to the original electric guitars of the 1950s, pure nickel strings are known for their subdued vintage sounds. Steel strings emerged later to cater to the growing desire for loud, punchy tone in the evolving rock and roll genre, and that's still their strength today. Nickel-plated steel strings are the most popular on the present-day stage, striking a happy medium where the core strength and resonance of steel meets the softer edge of nickel.

The gauge of the string may be an even more important factor than the material, however. Gauge represents a string's thickness, which affects the amount of tension it needs and the way it vibrates. Heavier-gauge strings deliver meatier tones with big sustain, making them a staple for rhythm guitar as well as powerful chords for metal and hard rock. On the other hand, lighter gauges are brighter and clearer-sounding as well as being more flexible and easier to fret, which is perfect for beginners to learn on or for veterans to nail those fast and tricky leading riffs. The most important takeaway about electric guitar strings, though, is that there's no right or wrong. The right strings are a matter of preference, and it'll take some experimentation with different materials and gauges in order for you to decide for sure which ones are right for you. Don't be afraid to "audition" as many sets as you like: it's all part of crafting your own signature sound.

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