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6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitars

"The acoustic guitar has been an incredibly popular instrument for decades. From dorm rooms to concert stages, this instrument has given rise to hit singles and superstars all over the world. With an acoustic electric, you can make sure your sweet sounds are heard by even more people when you start strumming. The most obvious advantage of a six string acoustic-electric guitar over a standard acoustic is the fact that you can plug in and amplify the sound of an acoustic electric. What you may not initially consider, however, is that an acoustic-electric can also easily plug into a recording interface so you can capture song ideas or complete demos without having to set up a series of microphones. The added convenience of an acoustic electric makes it a great option for singer/songwriters. When looking for the right acoustic electric guitar for you, it's important to remember that they come in a variety of sizes. Larger guitars such as the Fender CD60CE Cutaway Dreadnought will have a larger, booming sound, but may be harder to play for musicians with smaller hands. This is certainly worth keeping in mind as you make your decision. Also, you should be aware that the shape of the body changes from guitar to guitar. An acoustic electric with a cut-away body such as the Ovation Custom Legend C2079 AX Deep Contour will give you easier access to the upper frets of your instrument, allowing you to explore even more notes and keys. The material your six string acoustic-electric guitar is made from also plays an important role in its sound. Simply put, different types of wood bring their own distinct tones to your music. Woods such as cedar offer a warm sound, whereas mahogany guitars will have a punchier tone. In the end, there is no right or wrong size, shape, or materials; it simply comes down to which type of guitar works best for you and your needs. With a six string acoustic-electric guitar, you'll never have to worry about whether or not your music is being heard. From the basement jam space, to center stage at venues across the country, this instrument is sure to ring out brilliantly when you're performing. "